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At OMSANA HEALTH we seek the healing of the cancer patient through alternative, natural, non-toxic methods and with a holistic approach that allows them to improve their quality of life.

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We have the best of the alternative therapies that exist to treat cancer in the patient on the medical side, giving special attention to the emotional aspect where the healing of your soul plays an important role to achieve tranquility in the healing process.

Our facilities are designed to create a harmonious and personalized environment during this healing journey.


At OMSANA we integrate a variety of therapeutic protocols aimed at strengthening your system, providing it with the necessary nutrients in the face of a disease state such as cancer, in addition to stimulating an immune response in your body to fight the disease. To achieve this result we use several therapies with different mechanisms of action, which acting together provide the body with the necessary resources to create a balanced environment and activate a series of immune cells responsible for fighting cancer, all this in a natural way without any type of toxic agent.

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Doctors of Omsana Health

Experienced doctors

We have a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in this type of therapy, focused and committed to your health, who will receive you with a unique treatment according to your specific situation.


Omsana Health is located within the medical district of Tijuana located in the Rio Zone and its proximity to the border through access to medical services makes it a very practical solution to choose us as an option for holistic cancer treatments.

Our instalations are designed to take care of you customized, you will feel like home, comfortable and safe, leting your body focusing in your healing process.

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