How to Become our Patient | Omnsana

Become our patient

  1. Schedule a free appointment with our doctors to review your case, click the button below:

  1. You will receive a confirmation for the appointment as well as the zoom link.

  2. Send us your necessary information for evaluation (listed in the section below) to the following email before your appointment:

  3. Receive your personalized budget according to your case.

  4. Accept to be our patient.

  5. Complete your registration process.

  6. Our team will contact you to coordinate all the details of your stay and treatment.

  7. Start your remission journey.

The candidate’s admission will depend on the medical evaluation by one of our physicians.

Information needed for evaluation:

  • Biopsy report

  • History of treatment during cancer (type of chemotherapy and cycles received, radiotherapy sessions, hormonal therapy, monoclonal antibodies)

  • Reports of imaging studies, MRI, CT, PETscan, Ultrasound

  • Last 2 blood tests

  • History of surgeries, evolution and complications.

  • Accompanying diseases (diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, etc.)

  • Medications currently taken