At Omsana Health we use an alternative approach in the treatment of cancer, a non-toxic natural approach where we integrate the best alternative protocols that have been developed in the last decades in the fight against cancer.

These therapies induce an anti-tumor response in the body, activating a series of defensive and regulatory biomechanisms, thus trying to reestablish a functional environment in our body, helping it to fight cancer and strengthening it to resist other more aggressive therapies.

The advantages of this type of approach is that it does not expose the body to a situation of cytotoxic stress as occurs in the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, where in trying to eliminate cancer cells, healthy cells are damaged causing all the side effects that weaken the patient and deteriorate their quality of life.

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This does not mean that our approach cannot be used in conjunction with conventional therapies, they can even coexist and enhance each other, but this will depend on the patient’s situation, this because; each person will respond differently to chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

In some cases these therapies will be intolerable for patients because of the side effects they cause, and may even put their lives at risk, leaving as the only option alternative treatments with almost no side effects since it is the same body that will exert the therapeutic action.

In some other cases the patient will respond favorably to these therapies without leaving aside the wear and tear and weakening that the body will suffer because of them, in these cases our therapies can be used to strengthen your system, after the cycles of chemo or radiotherapy and in this way you unite the conventional and alternative approach in a harmonious way creating a therapeutic synergy.

Omsana Health Tijuana, Mexico

Whatever your scenario is, you have to understand that your immune system is your best weapon.

Either containing the cancer to prevent its advance or preventing it from reappearing if you have achieved remission, so you have to keep your body in optimal conditions by providing it with the nutrients it needs to fight the disease or prevent its recurrence, and for this, you will have to adopt a new lifestyle, adapting to new circumstances to keep your body in a state of balance and wellbeing.

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