In OMSANA we know that our healing comes when we find the balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, that is why we have developed a plan for the search of this balance that also contributes to the new lifestyle that is required to take and the transformation of the being.

According to the specialist’s diagnosis, the patient will be receiving the aforementioned therapies alternately or jointly with the therapies that will be part of the program to attend the Balance based on millenary techniques, from different cultures, some of them non-conventional and non-dogmatic, in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Examples of therapies:
– Meditation
– Sounds of Tibetan singing bowls
– Aromatherapy
– Essential oil therapies
– Sound therapy
– Subconscious programming
– Chi-Kung or Quigong (vital energy flow)
– Relaxing massages
– Hyperthermia
– Psychological factor and a new lifestyle

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Meditation is a practice in which the individual trains the mind or induces a mode of awareness, either to achieve some specific benefit such as mentally recognizing content without feeling identified with that content, or as an end in itself.

The term meditation refers to a broad spectrum of practices that include techniques designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy or life force, and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness.

A particularly ambitious form of meditation is aimed at achieving effortless, sustained, one-pointed concentration, focused on enabling the practitioner to achieve a state of well-being in any life activity.

Sound and vibration of singing bowls for healing

In addition to providing a relaxing melody, the vibrations of the singing bowls bring great benefits to your environment and our health by balancing the oscillations of the environment, the physical and mental effects that the vibrations of the singing bowls have on the body are extremely positive.

It introduces the art that combines meditation with acoustic reverberations to achieve a balance in the environmental oscillations that, according to this philosophy, achieve the healing of the body and mind.

They relieve stress and calm anxiety, improve the ability to concentrate, increase mental clarity and creativity, control insomnia and hyperactivity, among other things


 The aroma we inhale induces a certain mood or can even lead us to remember places, moments or people, this by the immediate association that our brain makes with the perceived aroma.

The aromas of 100% natural essential oils can help physical healing or emotional management, even contribute to a reprogramming of cellular memories by capturing the aroma through our brain’s limbic system, the one in charge of sending the signal that performs all the functions of our body.

Specific therapies with essential oils

Using the medicinal properties of plants, which by different extraction processes are captured in essential oils, individual or mixtures, help to improve health in the physical and emotional aspects in a totally natural way, which makes the body get used to heal with natural means, leading it to start a process of detoxification and efficient management of emotions at the cellular level, which leads to a decrease in diseases.

These last two therapies are defined according to a galvanic reading scan of the skin to determine which aspects are present in the individual and how to balance them by means of which essential oils via topical and/or inhaled.

Subconscious programming

The subconscious makes most of the decisions we make at all times, the subconscious rules without us being aware of everything we do and happens to us based on programming that has been done in our brain unconsciously and involuntarily throughout our lives, that is why we also include in therapy this programming for the change of behavioral patterns that help us in the healing process.

omsana health subconscious programming
Sound Therapy Omsana health Tijuana

Sound therapy

Music therapy consists of using a person’s responses and connections with music and its frequency to stimulate positive changes in mood and general well-being.

This will be used to set the spaces in a suitable way so that it is always in a positive and pleasant atmosphere while working on aspects such as: healing, mood, abundance, health, etc.

Chi-Kung or Quigong

“Vital energy management” or “The art of circulating vital energy in the most appropriate way” for the purpose for which it is practiced. It refers to a variety of techniques usually related to traditional Chinese medicine, involving the mind, breathing and physical exercise.

Qigong is generally practiced for health maintenance purposes, but in some cases, especially in China, it can also be prescribed for specific therapeutic purposes. 

Omsana Health Tijuana Holistic therapie
Massages Tijuana Omsana Health

Relaxing massages

As part of this process it is very common for the body to be tense due to the worries of the mind, relaxing type massages, help to de-stress the parts of the body that commonly become tense leaving a general feeling of tiredness, since the body needs all its energy to heal.


Using hyperthermia therapy as an integrative cancer treatment, can address the underlying cause of the disease by causing cancer cell death and increasing the effectiveness of traditional cancer therapies.

The treatment can also be used as an alternative for patients who are unable to handle traditional therapies.

Immunotherapy treatment omsana health

Psychological factor and a new lifestyle

We understand the fundamental role that our thoughts play in a healing process, so we support you to identify our own limitations and thus create neuro-strategies to make our mental processes an ally which will affect the way you perceive reality and find peace in the journey.

Also depending on the diagnosis, a plan will be designed according to your specific needs to ensure peace of mind in this situation for you and your family, where you will be offered alternatives to address your specific situations in an optional manner. 

Such alternatives include the following:  

Optional Alternative Therapies: (with additional cost)

  1. Family Constellations
  2. Hypnosis
  3. Reiki
  4. Energetic unblocking
  5. Thanatology
  6. Family therapy

Among others

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