Gerson’s Therapy

Nutrition in a person with cancer or any other degenerative disease is one of the most important aspects in its treatment, since it is here where all the nutrients that the body needs to fight the disease and initiate the healing process are provided.

When a person is sick, his or her body undergoes a series of biochemical changes, which if not treated with proper nutritional therapy can accelerate the disease process, deteriorating the patient more rapidly, leaving the body in a state of vulnerability.

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The German physician Max Gerson understood this dilemma brilliantly and in 1928, Dr. Gerson developed a dietary plan with which he began to treat diseases such as cutaneous tuberculosis, where they began to notice a favorable evolution in patients and could generate a remission of the disease.

This approach began to be used in other degenerative diseases such as cancer, recording a large number of cases where patients in addition to improving their quality of life, in some scenarios even recorded the remission of the disease, all described in his book “A Cancer Therapy, Results of Fifty Cases”.

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The physiological basis of this approach consists in the management of body concentrations of Sodium (salt), Potassium, Protein and Water. This is due to the changes generated by tumor activity in your body, leading to a state of imbalance that prevents your body from triggering an adequate immune response.   

The Gerson Therapy consists of a diet based on an organic vegan diet, carefully prepared with specific cooking techniques to preserve as many nutrients as possible and adapted to the needs of the patient, the preparation of 13 natural juices made with fresh fruits and vegetables grown organically, as well as performing enemas with organic coffee that help accelerate the detoxifying activity of the liver.

To this is added the consumption of food supplements such as niacin or pancreatin to facilitate the absorption of the nutrients ingested.

The Nutritional plan consists of:

1.- A low sodium diet, free of animal proteins, a high consumption of vegetables, fruits and organic cereals in addition to the intake of 13 vegetable or fruit juices, thus obtaining their vitamins, minerals and enzymes in their active state.

2.- To facilitate the absorption of these nutrients and activate the metabolism, nutritional supplements are used, such as pancreatic enzymes, potassium, niacin, iodine, Lugol’s iodine, thyroid hormone, among others.

3.- An important aspect of this approach is the application of enemas with organic coffee, this besides propitiating an adequate intestinal flow cleaning the rectum and stimulating its mobility, generates a dilation in the biliary ducts accelerating in a certain way the hepatic metabolism detoxifying the body in a more efficient way. The average number of coffee enemas is 5 per day, always adjusting the scheme to the patient’s conditions.

The patient’s response to the Gerson diet therapy will be monitored by nutritionists with experience in cancer patients to adjust the patient’s metabolic needs during their stay at the Omsana Health.

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