At the moment a patient is diagnosed with cancer his life will change forever, in the first instance the emotional blow is very hard, affecting his state of mind and he can sink into a depressive state very difficult to cope with.

It is important that you know, whether you are on your own or in the company of your family, that there are thousands of people fighting the same battle, knowing that you are not the only one, breaking the circle of isolation that this disease leads you to are crucial to strengthen your mental state and continue the search for healing.

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There are no magic solutions to this situation, it will require: determination, effort, discipline and dedication to achieve a new life style that will return the body to state of balance and therefore health.

Remember that it is not the strongest that survives, but the one that best adapts to the circumstances.

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At Omsana Health we understand how important the mental state is for the patient to be able to cope with all the physical and mental wear and tear that cancer represents.

Therefore, in addition to creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, there will be available appointments with therapists with experience in oncology patients for the management and channeling of emotions generated during the process, remembering that in the human being there must be a balance between the duality of mind and body to achieve healing.

We have selected holistic therapies from various Eastern and Western cultures around the world very specific that have proven to have an important evolution in cancer and autoimmune diseases of the patient to effectively treat their emotions, mind and spirit, such as the management and use of vital energy Quigong or Chi Kun, meditation, sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, reprogramming of the subconscious, among others.

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